Sydor Instruments offers a comprehensive portfolio of ballistic testing and analysis solutions including the full suite of products from SABRE Ballistics. Our support services include complete facilities design, range set up, training and consultancy. We specialize in creating custom solutions to meet our customers' ballistic testing needs where accuracy, repeatability and compliance are paramount.

Products available include our ballistic imaging system, Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS), multi-caliber test guns for ammunition or armor, 81mm mortar, universal shooting rests, optical velocity screens, flash, IR and shock wave sensors, acoustic and optical targets, and Doppler radar. SABRE products are fully compliant with NATO, ISO, CIP, NIJ and SAAMI standards.

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For technical specifications, please visit SABRE Ballistics or Ballistic Imaging and Vision Systems.

Sydor Instruments' ballistic test equipment is well suited for applications as:

  • Weapon and ammunition testing
  • Armor testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Forensic and medical science
  • Physics and material science
  • Ballistic imaging and yaw measurement
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the SABRE portfolio of products:

Data Presentation
Preparation and Special Testing
Internal Ballistic and Weapon Dynamics
External Ballistics
Terminal Ballistics
Ballistic Imaging and Vision Systems

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