Streak Camera's available at Sydor Instruments
Vacuum X-Ray CCD Camera Photon Counting Cameras
Vaccuum X-Ray CCD Cameras
These compact cameras operate completely in a vacuum environment and are ideal for UV lithography, X-ray microscopy and spectroscopy applications.

Applications: Defense, Energy, Advanced
Vacuum X-Ray CCD Camera
Photon Counting Cameras
Our photon counting cameras are built for your application. They are ideally suited for rapid detection and accurate counting of luminous events where each and every photon matters.

Applications: Defense, Energy, Advanced
Intensified CCD Camera
IPD Camera

Imaging Detectors Laser Sources
Imaging Detectors
MCP image intensifiers amplify low light levels by several orders of magnitude for applications such as astronomy, night vision, high speed gated imaging, and fluorescence lifetime measurements.

Applications: Defense, Energy, Advanced
Image Intensifiers
Laser Sources
Our lasers provide an accurate, repeatable timing reference for calibrating and triggering high speed events. Custom frequencies are available on request.

Applications: Defense, Energy, Advanced
Comb Generator
Laser Pulser
Streak Cameras
Sydor custom streak cameras are designed and built for your unique application. They are the instrument of choice for obtaining very accurate measurements across a range of ultrafast timescales from milliseconds or microseconds down to a few nanoseconds or picoseconds. Systems are available to detect and measure X-Ray, UV, Visible, and IR wavelengths. They are routinely used in a growing number of Defense and Research applications, including LIDAR and spectroscopy.

Applications: Defense, Energy, Advanced
Sydor ROSS Streak Camera's 1000, 5100, 8200
Sydor ROSS 8600 X-Ray
Ballistics Imaging System
Ballistic Test Equipment
Sydor Instruments offers a comprehensive portfolio of ballistic testing and analysis solutions including the full range of products from SABRE ballistics. Services include facilities design, range set-up, training and consultancy.

Applications: Defense, Energy, Advanced

Ballistic Test Equipment
Ballistic Imaging and Vision Systems